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Roll Kick
Roll kick.png
Kanji Name 胴廻し回転蹴り
Kana Name どうまわしかいてんげり
Names Roll Kick
Type Offensive
Fighting Style Karate
User(s) Baki Hanma
Yuujirou Hanma
Kaoru Hanayama
Kaiou Retsu
Similar None
First Appearance
Anime Bite Marks
Manga Baki Against the Japanese Blade

Roll Kick (胴廻し回転蹴り, Dō Mawashi Kaiten Geri; literally: Body Rotation Turning Kick) is a fighting technique.


It consists of taking a leap to stand on the enemy, then the body is turned to drop a strong spin kick against the opponent.

For the first time in the series, Baki Hanma used the Roll Kick in his battle with Kurokawa. Later, he did the same thing against his father Yuujirou Hanma, and Yuujirou counterattacked Baki's technique with exactly the same move. During the Maximum Tournament Saga, Kaoru Hanayama performed the Roll Kick in his fight with Katsumi Orochi. In the second manga series, despite possibly having no experience in martial arts, Sikorsky used his own version of Roll Kick (it wasn't confirmed directly, but the move looked exactly the same) to attack Kanji Igari. And in the fourth manga series, Kaiou Retsu tried to use the Roll Kick in his showdown with Musashi Miyamoto.