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Sergei Taktarov
Taktaroff profile.png
Kana Name セルゲイ・タクタロフ
First Appearance
Anime The Opening
Manga The Festival Has Begun!!
Origin Russia
Age Unknown
Hair Color Brown
Height 187 cm (6'1")
Weight 115 kg (253 lbs)
Fighting Style Sambo
Relations Unknown

Sergei Taktarov (セルゲイ・タクタロフ, Serugei Takutarofu), also romanized as Sergei Taktaroff, is a fictional character from anime and manga series of Baki the Grappler. He is a sambo fighter from Russia.


He is a rather arrogant person, believing that he will win his fight against Kaiou Retsu before it even started. He also proves to be quite violent, breaking Andreas Regan's arm for getting into the conversation what did he have with Retsu. This can be explained as a kind of self-defense action, because Regan also behaved a bit aggressively towards him, but it looked more like a desire to present his skills on a beaten competitor.

Like Alexander Gallen, he proves to be quite a patriot. In the locker-room, he said he is going to win for his homeland. In the manga, his facial expression was rather stony all the time. In the anime, his way of being is a little more angry.


He is a muscular man, with brown hair slicked back. Taktarov is wearing a burgundy gi with a black belt and white trainers. During his flashback in Russia, he wears only a black short.


Baki the Grappler


At some point in his life in Russia, he dragged a cart full of stones with a chain.

Maximum Tournament Saga

Eventually he is selected to take part in the Maximum Tournament, with his first matching being against Retsu Kaiou. Prior to the match, Sergei confronts Retsu, stating that he will be the one to defeat him in battle, but before a fight can break out between the due they are distracted by Andreas Regan.

The match between the two eventually takes place, with neither side making a move at first, before Retsu calmly approaches Sergei, stating that his skills are vastly inferior to his own. Retsu then quickly and effortlessly incapacitates Sergei with the Spinning Lotus technique, ending the match.

Sergei later appears and is viciously beaten by Alexander Gallen as retaliation for his defeat and shaming Russia in his eyes.


Sergei Taktarov is stronger than a normal human. He could defeat a giant wrestler with a special armlock. Once he pulled a cart full of rocks to a moutain top. But despite that, Kaiou Retsu easly defeated him; later, he was pummeled to a pulp by fellow Russian fighter, Alexander Gallen.