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Shigeru Akatsuka
Shigeru akatsuka profile.png
Kanji Name 赤塚 垂
Kana Name あかつか しげる
First Appearance
Anime The Ultimate Fighter (OVA)
Manga His Name is Baki!!
Origin Japan
Age Unknown
Hair Color Brown
Fighting Style Shinshinkai Karate
Relations Doppo Orochi (Grand Master)

Shigeru Akatsuka (赤塚 垂, Akatsuka Shigeru) is a fictional character from the Baki the Grappler anime and manga series. His name was only revealed in the Grappler Baki remake one-shot.


He was shown as a person with high temperament and generating respect among the Shinshinkai Karate students. He so very angry at them for bringing shame to the entire school by losing to Baki Hanma (who had a white belt) that he didn't even hesitate to kick one of the Shinshinkai students in the face. However, he didn't have that much courage towards Atsushi Suedou, whom he was clearly afraid of. Still, he yelled at him several times when Suedou spoke rudely about Doppo Orochi.

He is a very straightforward person about karate. He believes that losing a match to a novice is an act of great disgrace. He also has a very traditional approach to Doppo Orochi, whom he believes should be treated with great respect, the way great masters should be treated.


He has brown, rather short hair and a straight cut bangs. Shigeru's height is quite average. He wears a dark yellow suit and a purple tie. His face shows signs of slightly older age, suggesting that he is probably around 40 or 50 years old.


Baki the Grappler

Underground Arena Saga

He is first shown during a scene where he is furiously yelling at the Shinshinkai Karate students who have been defeated by Baki Hanma, a mysterious white belt fighter. He is so angry that he even kicks one of the students right in the face. Suddenly, Atsushi Suedou appears and starts laughing at him for talking about Shinshinkai's tarnished honor and telling that Shigeru himself has never defeated anyone strong in his life. They talk about Baki, and then Suedou leaves, laughing at Shigeru's weaknesses and his karate students.

Shigeru and his defeated Shinshinkai disciples accompany Suedou in the warm-up before the final match in the tournament. Later, Shigeru gets mad at him for again referring to Doppo Orochi in a rude manner. During Suedou and Baki's fight, Shigeru regularly comments the match and talks about, for example, a situation in which Suedou brutally knocked out an American professional wrestler who once came to the Shinshinkai dojo. Next to Shigeru all the time is Oowada, who comments on the battle along with his master.


He was seen using karate striking techniques. The members of the Shinshinkai school call Shigeru as "sensei", hinting his years of experience of karate. According to what Suedou says about him, he's not very strong and his only experience in the martial arts world is with the Shinshinkai school. However, his skill level was never really shown.