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Kanji Name 寸勁
Kana Name すんけい
Names Sunkei
Type Offensive
Fighting Style Chinese Kenpo
User(s) Kaiou Retsu
Similar Earth Theory
First Appearance
Anime The Ace and the Serpent
Manga Modern Karate vs Chinese Kenpo!!

Sunkei (寸勁, Sunkei) is a special fighting technique of Kaiou Retsu.


Using the principles of the Chinese Kenpo, or the release of internal power, Retsu is capable of delivering full-power blows at nearly no distance. This effectively means that all of his attacks are knockout punches no matter what range he throws them at.

For the first time in the series, Kaiou Retsu used this technique against Katsumi Orochi during their battle at the Maximum Tournament in the first manga series. Later, Retsu also performed the Sunkei in his fight with Baki Hanma.

There's also a technique named Musunkei and it's an improved version of the Sunkei.


  • The technique is possibly based on the real-life kung fu technique called Fa jin. Since both are techniques designed to make a knockout shot from any distance.
  • In the Garouden manga series, there is also a technique called Sunkei, but the Garouden presents that move as a karate technique and it has certain differences from the Sunkei in Baki.