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Kana Name タックル
Names Tackle
Type Offensive
Fighting Style Wrestling
Brute force
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
User(s) Many Fighters
Similar Fastest Dash
First Appearance
Anime An Honorable Loss
Manga The Devil's Past

Tackle (タックル, Takkuru) is a fighting technique.


The fighter uses his body or a shoulder to ram directly into the opponent. The tackle is also using to grab the opponent for the purpose of performing some grappling move.

In the first series, Mount Toba used this technique in his fight against Baki Hanma. In the Maximum Tournament saga of the first series, Sergio Silva used this techinique against Jack Hanma as first movement, being useless against the strong Canadian. Kinryuuzan used this technique against Yuujirou Hanma, but unfortunately it wasn't enough to defeat "The World's Strongest Creature" as Yuujirou easily stopped it. Later the technique was once again used, but this time by Alexander Gallen who performed it as a surprise attack during a fight with Jack Hanma. In the second series of the manga, Dave used this technique against Mohammad Alai Jr, failing against the young boxer, who knocked out Dave with his uppercut. In the third series of the manga, Pickle used this technique for the first time to hit a truck and also in his fight with Kaoru Hanayama and Baki Hanma. In the fourth manga series, Izou Motobe also used this technique against Musashi Miyamoto during their battle. Jack Hanma tried to use this technique against Nomi no Sukune II, but the sumo wrestler managed to counter his attack with a kick aimed at the jaw.