Udonde (ウドンデ, Udonde), also known as Udundi (御殿手), is a secret fighting technique of the Ryukyu Royal Family.


The Udonde is a secret fighting move passed down only to the eldest sons of the Ryukyu Royal Family. A the first, the user makes a stance that looks very open for attack, then he starts to walk toward his opponent. By the time the opponent performs an attack, the user uses his reflexes to instantly attack his opponent. This technique can only be done by someone who have very good reflexes, such as Yujiro Hanma.

Yujiro Hanma is the only one character in series that used the Udonde technique. He did it during his fight with Doppo Orochi in the first series of the manga.

Trivia Edit

  • This technique is probably based on the Okinawan martial art Motobu Udundi.