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Vacuum Palm
Vacuum palm anime e e.png
Kanji Name 空掌
Kana Name くうしょう
Names Vacuum Palm
Type Offensive
Fighting Style Way of the Void
User(s) Ryuukou Yanagi
Similar None
First Appearance
Anime A Formidable Team
Manga Poison Gas

Vacuum Palm (空掌, Kūshō) is a special technique of Ryuukou Yanagi.


The Vacuum Palm is a technique in which the user creates a vacuum in the palm of their hand. The Vacuum Palm is very difficult to master and requires the proper instruction to learn.

With Vacuum Palm, the user can create a suction-cup like effect which causes the palm of their hand to stick to an object/surface, or make the object/surface stick to their palm. It is easier to do so with something heavy that has a smooth surface, such as a bowling ball. Using this technique with a piece of paper is among the highest level.

Yanagi uses this technique to create a vacuum in his palm that contains less than 6% oxygen. The improper oxygen level causes an opponent to be knocked unconscious, should the vacuum make contact with their face, specifically the nose and mouth. With this technique, he defeated Baki Hanma during their first battle in the second series of the manga.