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Vice Grip
Grip power.png
Kanji Name 握撃
Kana Name あくげき
Names Vice Grip
Type Offensive
Fighting Style Hanayama Style
User(s) Kaoru Hanayama
Similar None
First Appearance
Anime A Warrior's Heart
Manga Yuri vs Hanayama

Vice Grip (握撃, Akugeki) is a special fighting move. This is a technique that only Kaoru Hanayama uses.


Thanks to his superhuman grip strength, Hanayama can do great damage to his opponents. During this technique, he grabs his opponent's body parts (such as arms, or legs), and then he holds it so tight that it explodes due to the blood restriction, making that body part useless. For the first time, Hanayama used the technique against Yuri Chakovsky in the first series.

In the second season of the anime, Biscuit Oliva used a quite similar move. It was during his young years when he had a mission, the purpose of which was defeating some leader of drug cartel mercenaries. He caught his hand and the criminal boss right wrist exploded from the strong grip power that Oliva actually possess. Anyway, he used only one hand to perform this move, and the opponent's hand was just crushed. There wasn't that specific explosion effect that Hanayama uses.

Despite powerful and formidable, Hanayama's vice grip was proven to be ineffective on Yuujirou and fighters with high pain tolerance like Baki and Katsumi were able to still fights with Hanayama after he used this move on them.