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Warp Throw
Back suplex.png
Kanji Name 反り投げ
Kana Name そりなげ
Names Back Suplex
Type Offensive
Fighting Style Wrestling
User(s) Alexander Gallen
Similar Suplex
First Appearance
Anime The Ace and the Serpent
Manga Monster Showdown 2

Warp Throw (反り投げ, Sori Nage) is a fighting technique.


It consists of making a grip between the armpits to an opponent in a low stance and then making a knockdown with which the opponent falls on his rear against the ground. Although in the case of Allexander Gallen the takedown is done by throwing the opponent into the air due to his superhuman strength.

It seems like a very useful technique, but because the part that is thrown to the ground is the rear, it loses a lot of effectiveness in terms of knockouts compared to other techniques that throw the opponent's head against the ground.

In the first manga series, Alexander Gallen used it during his fight with Jack Hanma at the Maximum Tournament, but it was not very effective.