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Yasha-Zaru Jr. (夜叉猿Jr., Yashazaru Junia) is a fictional character from anime and manga series of Baki the Grappler.


Like his father, at first glance Yasha-Zaru Jr is just an animal who's main focus is survival, however he can let his anger get the best of him especially when fuelled by a desire for revenge against Yuujiro Hanma for the murder of his parents. This is how Baki interprets Junior's rampage when he appears in the Maximum Tournament. In that scene, Junior even seemed to mistake Baki for Yuujiro as he immediately turned his attention to him and threw himself into the fight.

Also, he seems to understand the concept of friendship and views Baki Hanma as a friend. It can be seen in the second series when Baki, along with Kozue Matsumoto, arrives at the Yasha Crag and meets Yasha-Zaru Junior, who seems to remember him and treat him as a friend.


He looks very much like his father. The main difference is that Yasha-Zaru Jr has a light grey skin and red fur. But for some reason, he had gray-blue colour of a fur in the third anime series.


Baki the Grappler[]

Maximum Tournament Saga[]


Yasha-Zaru Jr is a mighty beast that is larger than any ordinary human with powerful physical strength and possesses great agility and speed, despite his massive size. His physical strength surpasses even his father, and is shown when Yasha-Zaru Jr manages to break out of a steel container specifically designed for his father. Yasha-Zaru Jr also wields great durability; he takes impressive blows from one of the most skilled Shinshinkai Karate fighters, Kiyosumi Katou, without feeling any pain at all and seemed to be only bored from Katou's attacks. He is also capable of fighting and beating other martial arts masters, such as Roberto Guerlain.

Despite that, Yasha-Zaru Jr was easily defeated by another Shinshinkai Karate master named Katsumi Orochi.