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Yasumasa Ooki
Kanji Name 大木康正
Kana Name おおき やすまさ
First Appearance
Anime None
Manga Suedou's Degree of Danger
Origin Japan
Age Unknown
Hair Color Black
Fighting Style Karate
Relations Unknown

Yasumasa Ooki (大木 康正, Ōki Yasumasa) is a fictional character from manga series of Baki the Grappler.


Nothing is known about his personality, as he hardly speaks once in the manga. It is only known that he was interested in Baki Hanma's skills during the Shinshinkai Karate tournament and wanted to meet him later, so it can be assumed that he is a person with a strong interest in the world of martial arts and powerful fighters.


Yasumasa Ooki doesn't stand out with anything special in appearance. He has black hair and black eyes like every Japanese. Ooki has a rather angular jaw shape. He came to the karate tournament in Budoukan dressed in a suit and had an elegantly styled hairdo with an exposed forehead without bangs.


Baki the Grappler

Underground Arena Saga

During the match between Baki Hanma and Atsushi Suedou, Yasumasa is watching the young boy alongside other martial artists and took a liking on him. After the match, Yasumasa is found unconscious on the floor next to other martial artists, knocked down by Kiyosumi Katou. It seems that he wanted to meet Baki like the other fighters.


In the manga, it is stated he is a middle class champion of the International Pro Karate League, which can possibly mean he is very skilled and experienced. However, he was easily defeated by Kiyosumi Katou, so he is very much weaker than the most of the characters in the series.