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Yuri Chakovsky
Yuri profile.png
Kana Name ユリー・チャコフスキー
First Appearance
Anime Stirrings of Destiny
Manga Kneading of the People!!
Origin Russia-Mongolia
Age About 30
Hair Color Black
Height About 180 cm (5'11")
Weight 90 kg (198 lbs)
Fighting Style Boxing
Original Dub Masaya Takatsuka (2001)
English Dub Chris Rager (2001)
Relations Nina Chakovsky (Sister)
Unnamed Grandfather
Vladimir (Coach)

Yuri Chakovsky (ユリー・チャコフスキー, Yurī Chakofusukī) is a recurring character in anime and manga series of Baki the Grappler. He is a professional boxer and the first opponent to ever soundly defeat Baki Hanma. He is the Jigil, a member of a Mongolian tribe of fierce warriors. Yuri was a welterweight boxing champion when he beat Baki, before moving up to heavyweight.


Yuri is a very upright person who usually does the right things. He has a lot of pride as a fighter, especially because of his Jigil blood. The Jigil is a fictional ethnicity portrayed as a tribe of fierce warriors who apparently reside in today's Asian Russia (even Genghis Khan feared of them). Yuri is very protective about his sister Nina Chakovsky, and is able to overcome many obstacles to ensure her safety.

His intelligence is a bit above the average, as he was able to read through Baki Hanma's strategies during their fight. He himself also thinks a lot during battles. This was shown during the flashback, in which he counted the number of wolves he had to defeat. He also managed to keep his cool in such a critical situation and get out of it in one piece.

His honor is more important to him than common sense. He accepted the challenge from 13-year-old Baki, even though he knew he was much stronger than him. The same trait can also be seen later, when he saw the difference of strength between himself and Kaoru Hanayama, but did not surrender the fight and stood up to continue, even though he did not have to. Yuri's actions are based on the teachings that his grandfather gave him. The boxer learned from him that the real defeat is only when the warrior loses his fighting heart.


Yuri Chakovsky is a man of average height with a very athletic physical build. His face has masculine and quite chiselled features. In the anime, his facial lines are even sharper and angular. His eyes are black. He has short hair that is the same color as his eyes. In the anime, it was shown that he has a dark skin complexion. During his battles, he wears navy blue boxing gloves and blue shorts. His boxing shoes are the same color as his gloves. When he came to help Baki warm up before the boy's fight with Yuujirou, the boxer was dressed in a shirt with the shade of gray and purple. He was also wearing dark green pants.


Baki the Grappler


Yuri after defeating the wolves.

As a child, Yuri grew up in difficult conditions. It is not known what happened to his parents, but it was shown that he learned to fight under the guidance of his grandfather, who taught him that the real defeat is when one's heart is surrendered. A flashback was also shown, in which Yuri fought a bunch of wolves that attacked him and his sister, Nina. He treated it as another form of hunting. When he defeated them, he told his sister that they would now have a lot of food, which suggests that they probably lived in conditions where they had to hunt animals to have something to eat.

Childhood Saga

In the anime series, Yuri is shown for the first time when Baki lies on a bench in a park and suddenly sees a running boxer who went to the park for training. The young fighter begins to feel interest in the mysterious fighter and decides to visit him in the boxing gym. It turns out later that the boxer was Yuri Chakovsky.

In the manga, he first appears when Baki comes to his boxing gym. Yuri Chakovsky is sparring with Sensarak Dinoi, the Muay Thai champion from Thailand. The kickboxer gives his best, but is unable to hit Yuri, except for one elbow blow that cuts the glove that the boxer used to blocks the attack. He eventually manages to catch the boxer in a clinch, but even Dinoi's knee strikes have very little effect against Yuri, who performs a strong an uppercut punch and break free of the clinch. Then Yuri quickly defeats his opponent, knocking him out with a powerfol blow. In the anime series, he throws him out of the ring with a punch.

Yuri during his fight with Baki.

Excited Baki witnesses the match and wants to challenge the boxer. Vladimir, Yuri's coach, advises the boxer to ignore the young fighter, but eventually Yuri decides to give Bakie some gloves and accepts the challenge. When the fight begins, Yuri decides to perform a powerful serious punch and Baki falls to the ground. The club members want to intervene and enter the ring for the sake of the young fighter, but Yuri forbids them, saying that this is the war that the young man himself chosen. When Baki stands up, Yuri pummels him with more punches, and Baki is overwhelmed by his great strength. At some point the young fighter tries to use his fast footwork and he manages to deal some damage to the boxer. Yuri is surprised by Baki's prowess and begins to treat him like a true warrior. Baki gives his best during their battle, but Yuri finally hits his opponent with a knockout blow and wins.

Another opponent is selected for Yuri to fight in the ring. His name is Julio Zale Kebas. When it comes time for their match, the fight is uneven from the very beginning due to Yuri's considerable advantage. Eventually, Yuri hits him with his Right Cross of Confidence and knocks out Julio Zale Kebas. However, Baki Hanma watches this fight and states that Yuri's movements look like they are in slow motion for him, as the young fighter has strengthened a lot since his previous battle with the boxer.

There is a scene in wchich Yuri Chakovsky meets Hitoshi Kuriyagawa, a subordinate of Baki's mother named Emi Akezawa. Kuriyagawa asks the boxer to agree to fight Baki again and offers him money. Yuri refuses, saying that his will cannot be bought with money. The boxer also says that he doesn't need such a fight, because his only goal is to become the strongest boxer in the world. Kuriyagawa tells him that being the best boxer doesn't mean being the strongest in the world at all. Yuri decides to ignore him and ends the meeting.

Later, Yuri's training is shown. Some various strong boxers come to him, with whom Yuri begins to sparring. At some point, Baki comes to meet Yuri. The boxer asks if the youngster wants to fight him again, but it turns out that Baki came only to wish him good luck and that he no longer considers boxing to be a complete martial art. Yuri is surprised by his words, and then Johnson, one of Yuri's sparring partners, strikes the punching bag with a powerful blow to prove the young fighter his mistake. Baki then uses a sharp martial arts blow and cuts the bag in half, but Yuri responds only with silence, despite his surprise.

Yuri fighting Hanayama.

His next opponent in the ring is Don Stander. Unfortunately, Yuri ultimately does not come the ring on the day of the planned match, because he is stopped in the hallway by Kaoru Hanayama, a young yakuza and a powerful street fighter. Hanayama wants to beat Yuri to have Baki lose his rival, wanting to fight Baki himself. The fight between the boxer and the yakuza begins with Yuri's rapid assault on his opponent. Unfortunately, none of the boxer's punches make much of an impression on Hanayama. At one point, yakuza uses a technique called the Vice Grip and devastates Yuri's hand. The boxer does not surrender and tries to give his best, but eventually Hanayama punches him in the face and knocks out Yuri, who is taken to the hospital.

Some time later, a scene is shown in which Yuri lies in a hospital bed, and next to him sits Nina, his sister. Suddenly, the boxer's promoter enters the room and begins to call Yuri useless. At one point, he even provokes him, saying that maybe now Nina will work for him instead of the boxer, but then Baki enters the room and quickly banishes the promoter from there. The two fighters talks about Baki's intention to fight Kaoru Hanayama.

Yuri punching Baki Hanma.

When the great battle between Baki and Yuujirou Hanma comes, Yuri receives an invitation to watch their battle. He arrives to meet Baki and help him warm up before the match. He also meets Hanayama again. He tells the gangster that he has experience in serious fights when Hanayama tries to disregard him a little, but after a while yakuza admits his rudeness. Yuri begins a warm-up fight with Baki and very surprises the young fighter when he performs a kick. Anyway, he does not have the slightest chance against Baki, however, gives him a good warm-up. Later, Yuri joins forces with Hanayama and they fight the young man together, but it turns out that even alone he copes well with two of them. When Yuujirou arrives at the meeting place, Yuri witnesses the tragic struggle of father and son.


Chakovsky is a highly skilled professional boxer and world champion. He was the first person ever who could defeat Baki Hanma. His skill is such that when attacked by several wolves at the same time he was able to defend himself and his sister successfully just by using his barehands.

Surprisingly, Yuri can also use kicks. During Baki's warming up before his fight with Yuujirou, Yuri used a low kick against Baki in their sparring match. Despite such skill he was no match for Kaoru Hanayama who easily withstood Yuri's strongest punches and burst his arm by gripping it with extreme force.

Yuri was a six-division world champion in Boxing (welterweight, light middleweight, middleweight, super middleweight, light heavyweight and cruiserweight).