Yuri Chakovsky (ユリー・チャコフスキー, Yurī Chakofusukī) is a recurring character in anime and manga series of Baki the Grappler


Yuri is a very upright person who usually does the right thing. He has a lot of pride as a fighter especially because of his Jigil blood. The Jigil is a fictional ethnicity portrayed as a tribe of fierce warriors who apparently reside in today's Asian Russia. Yuri is very protective of his sister Nina and will overcome many obstacles to ensure her safety.




Chakovsky is a highly skilled professional boxer and world champion. He was the first person ever to land Baki Hanma a loss. His skill is such that when attacked by several wolves at the same time he was able to defend himself and his sister successfully just by using his barehands.

Despite such skill he was no match for Kaoru Hanayama who easily withstood Yuri's strongest blows and burst his arm by gripping it with extreme force.