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Yuuenchi – Baki Gaiden (ゆうえんち-バキ外伝-, Yūenchi -Baki Gaiden-; literally: "Amusement Park: Baki Side Story") is a spinoff series of illustrated tales in the Baki franchise, written by Keisuke Itagaki and Baku Yumemakura and illustrated by Yuria Fujita, serialized in Shounen Champion from 2018.


The story follows a dark place inside the world of the Baki series, the so-called "Amusement Park". The main character is Mumon Katsuragi, older brother of Katsumi. He ventures into a dark place where money is everything and lives are cheap, the "Amusement Park", motivated to find the killer of his mentor and master Taizan Matsumoto. The killer left a few trails behind and with his wits and physical prowess, he's been able to track him down to the ultimate dangerous fighting arena.

List of Chapters[]

# English Title Original Title
1 An Introduction 1: Kitani Kunpei's Testimony 序の巻 喜谷君平の証言
2 Untitled
3 An Introduction 2 (Continuation) 序の巻2(承前)
4 An Introduction 2 (Continuation) II 序の巻2(承前)




  • This series features characters from the Garouden, a manga Keisuke Itagaki illustrated, which is an adaptation of the Garouden Novel series, written by Baku Yumemakura.